Harwich United Methodist Church
Thursday, July 20, 2017






The organ, with its statuesque pipes and intricate design, was purchased in November 1876 from George H. Ryder of Boston, the builder, for $800.  ($812.72 with interest.) The purchase/sales/loan was written and signed by Jonathan A. Buck, stating   the first payment was for $300, and the balance of $500 due within four months.  Mr. Buck was paid in full in January of 1884.

This pipe organ was placed in the Church in December 1876, and first played by Jonathan A. Buck of East Harwich and Solomon E. Hallet of Chatham.  The first tune played on the organ by Jonathan A. Buck was the Doxology  (Old 100th).


In 1983, from the Ernest F. White Music Fund, the organ was completely restored and the pitch lowered to its current standard.

It is our understanding that this organ was not new when we purchased it.  It is our hope to find out where this organ came from.  Someone thought that it came from a church in Sandwich, however this is only speculation.  If anyone knows or has more information on how we can research this, please select the contact page on this website.